Do not fear what you do not not hate or persecute that which is beyond you...
The perfection of humanity, of creation itself; belongs to no one. It is the robe of the spirits, a grand design of bone and blood, of intellect and memory, of beautiful suffering and tragic yet unrelenting hope. These robes are borrowed, and when we return home to the mansion of the souls, we leave them at the door
~*~Here lies your Epiphany~*~


With a Doctorate in Metaphysics and parapsychology her unique style and sense of humor combined with her accuracy make Alia Night's skills and readings markedly the best...She is a Witch, Empath/psychic and Clairvoyant.
A qualified psychic counselor and psionisist. She has read for the Famous and the Infamous, professional and non-professional alike; helped law enforcement and taught classes in Magicks, Energy manipulation and repair, Crystals, the paranormal and the history of witchcraft and the Occult.
Specializing in Paranormal Investigation
and the Elimination of Psychic and Metaphysical Disturbances.
She is a Master Tarot, Rune, Energy and Crystal reader and is Available for Seminars and Personal Appearances.

To be forewarned is often helpful in those times when we are the most at a loss for guidance. Ultimately all choices are our own....and every action has a consequence..

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Greenwood Cemetery Investigation

Longhorn Caverns

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