Investigation the Greenwood Cemetery during Halloween.
October 31st 2010.

This investigation revealed some very interesting results. Armed with my infamous Scrying Crystal "Cage"
I spent several days at this beautiful and reportedly spiritually charged Cemetery.
An entire section of the cemetery is dedicated to the confederate dead and another reportedly the
final resting place of many practioners of Santeria.
While scrying for energy it became very clear that some of the grave markers were infused with
a great deal of negative energy.
In the video where I was scrying for this energy you can clearly see the reaction "Cage" had to being placed
On or near these grave markers.
Grave markers are very susceptible to being infused with spiritual energy due to the composition of the stones.
A body does not even have to be still occupying the grave for the energy to have been transferred and
Trapped in the stone itself.
This is also the reason for many of the restlessness of the energy itself. The marker remains
But the energy now disconnected, wanders looking for the connection to the world and to it's former existence.

During the investigation "Cage" was even pulled from my hand and landed on a grave marker that was
Almost totally Obscured by dirt and grass, landing in just the right spot to case him to fracture and
leave a small shard upon the marker.
After pulling away the dirt and grass free from the marker it revealed a broken headstone for Edith. S Nelson
and her husband Norman.
I also had to return to the Cemetery to re-film some of my investigations as the video taken on the First
day strangely did not show up on the film along with a number of pictures I had taken that day.
Beautiful grounds and trees covered in Spanish moss

add to this spectacular scenery.

This is the Grave Marker of Norman and Edith Nelson
after I had removed the
obscuring dirt and grass.

My Personal Scrying Crystal "Cage"
The fracture evident in him; he still remains
Extremely powerful and bound to me.

As you can see by the position of "Cage" this is one
of the grave stones he found most disconcerting.







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